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J Family | Mount Lebanon | G is Two

This is one of my favorite family to photograph. It’s been cool to watch G grow each time. She’s two years old now! She can talk, walk, play and giggle. Her mom asked if I could come into their home and do a session there. Those types of sessions are my favorite: lifestyle sessions. We do some normal “nice pictures” where everyone is looking at the camera. But we also have it where they do their normal thing together and I’m basically the fly-on-the-wall with my finger on the shutter…ready to snap a picture at a moment’s notice.

I feel honored to observe the love that this family has for each other.


Her mom is tickling G in this picture. And it. is. adorable.

An adult woman and man are sitting on the couch with their daughter. They are tickling her and the daughter is giggling.

G giving kisses to her dad.

little girl is reaching to adult male (her dad) to give him a kiss on the lips. The adult female (mom) is watching with a loving gaze.

little girl is riding her tricycle









Don’t they look like they belong in a magazine or something?

Family with adult male and female sitting on the couch with their two year old daughter sitting in between them. Their dog is in sitting on front of the couch. They are all smiling and looking at camera.


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