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Save the Dates Session | Pittsburgh, PA | Joel & Maggie

Dave and I arrived at Schenley Park and Phipps Conservatory to meet Joel and Maggie. They were new friends, but we quickly decided they were awesome.

It became increasingly obvious how smitten they are with each other when they told us how they met and how they got engaged. It was a cute story! They met online and weren’t expecting anything out of it, but they were both delighted to be proved wrong: there was someone out there for them. Someone who loves you as you are. Someone you enjoy being with. Someone you want by your side for the rest of your days.

See for yourself.

jandm16_03 I told you they were smitten.jandm16_15 jandm16_13 jandm16_19jandm16_11

Joel proposed on April 1st. And no. It was not a joke. He just could not wait another day.  jandm16_31-5


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