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Birth Story Model Calls

Seeking 4 Moms to be a birth story model to memorializes the miracle of birth.

One of the most memorable days of your life is the birth of your child. I’ll document the story of your child’s birth as it unfolds. I’ll document the labor, the delivery, the first looks, the kisses, and snuggles. Every birth story is different but every single one is a testament to the strength of the mother and her love.

Special Limited-time Discount Offer for Model Calls

  • Is your due date between October and January 2019?
  • Are you willing to allow your birth story photographs to be used by Kristen Schell Photography for marketing and promotional purposes (you get to choose which photos)?
  • Are you giving birth in St. Joesph, Holland, Kalamazoo and its greater surrounding areas?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, your birth story photography session could cost up to 60% less than the standard price!

$720 off (60% discount) for the FIRST four moms-to-be who

  • sign a model release allowing me to use their photos for marketing and promotional purposes
  • sign a contract and
  • pay the $300 nonrefundable retainer fee (due at booking) and the rest is due when you’re 37 weeks pregnant.

If you’re excited about this model call, please fill out this application which takes less than a minute. I will be accepting applications now until 10/31/19. Then I will select 4 lucky mamas who will get the 60% discount.

What’s included in the Birth Story Photography session?

  • Photographer on call for 24/7 starting 2 weeks before your due date (38 weeks pregnant) until the baby is born.
  • Travel up to 50 miles
  • Documenting the labor, the birth, the newborn snuggles, and up to two hours after birth documented
  • Full gallery of Edited Digital Photos
  • $300 nonrefundable retainer to book your due date on the photographer’s calendar
  • Reveal appointment where final photos are shown
  • Payment plans available

Total Package: $1200
Model Call Price: $480


What do you photograph? Do you really photograph everything…uhhh down there?
I photograph whatever tells the story of your child’s birth. From the labor to the birth and the snuggles afterward. I take pictures of the birth in whatever way you, as the mom, is comfortable with. Most moms want the “over the shoulder shots” others want the crowning shots. I take pictures of whatever you’re comfortable with. Those will be addressed in the questionnaire and in the consult appointment.

What areas do you serve?
I serve Southwest Michigan only – Benton Harbor, St. Joseph, Kalamazoo, and their surrounding areas.

What is a “model call”?
A model call means that the mom-to-be and her significant others, if applicable, agree to allow the photographs taken during her birth story session to be used by Kristen Schell Photography on her website and in printed materials for promotional and marketing purposes. All photographs will be cleared individually with the model (new mom) to assure they meet with her needs for privacy. Generally, about 50 photos that illustrate various stages of the story will be selected and used. The photos will be chosen with the mom and photographer together.

What happens if I get selected for a model call?
I will contact you after the application closes. If you are selected, then we’ll schedule an appointment to meet up to go over details like the birth, when to call me, payment options, comfort level for the photos, and so on.
If you do not get selected, I’ll contact you and offer you a 25% discount towards a birth story photography session to thank you for your efforts for applying!

Why is birth photography such a big investment?
Birth is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will never happen again for this tiny human. It’s not unlike a wedding, except they won’t remember it.

A big difference between birth photography and wedding photography is that you generally know when you’re going to get married and how long it will take. Babies are unpredictable and can arrive at any time. Even when they do decide to come, sometimes they take their sweet time. I’m there for all of it, capturing your hard work and general badassery.

So you’re not just hiring me to photograph an event that will happen at a predictable time for a predictable amount of time. You’re hiring me to be on call for four weeks, ready to drop everything at a moment’s notice and go document your baby’s arrival for as long as it takes. Because of the unpredictability of birth, I only accept 2-3 births a month to make absolutely sure I can be at yours.

What does “On-call” mean?
When your birth is on my calendar, I will be available at a moment’s notice at any hour of the day and night between the beginning of your 38th week until your baby gets born. Because I wouldn’t miss your baby’s birth for the world, I will only accept up to three births a month, and I won’t leave the area.

I would be interested but I’m not sure if my partner would be on board…
That’s a common concern because birth photography is a fairly new genre. I had a birth photographer at the birth of my kiddo. My husband wasn’t on board at first but then he was. My husband wrote a blog post talking to Dads about why he did.

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